We believe that Salem should have vibrant and beautiful public landscapes that inspire and nurture the regional community. To help achieve that vision, we created the Mission Street Parks Conservancy, which exists to help the City of Salem preserve, maintain, enhance, and interpret the iconic public landscapes on and near Mission Street for current and future generations.



To protect the parks’ integrity by preserving the parks’ boundaries, historic context, and plant communities.


To care for the parks’ plant material to the highest aesthetic and health standards.


To collect, preserve and make accessible records relating to the history of the parks and their plant material, to educate the public, and to facilitate research and appreciation.


To assist in the development and implementation of thoughtful, sensitive improvements to the parks’ design, hardscape, and plant material that increase their access, attractiveness, and research value.

Today, we work primarily in Bush’s Pasture Park. In the future, we hope to make a contribution to parks and public landscapes throughout Salem.

Mission Street Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization whose work is made possible primarily by generous donations of money, technical expertise, and volunteer time from Salem residents and business, as well as from government and foundation grants.

The Conservancy has negotiated a Memorandum of Agreement with City of Salem Public Works Department for the care of plant material in Bush’s Pasture Park and Pringle Park.